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The Lemon Law In Florida - Stating The Law As It Affects Consumers

by: Earl Powers

The Florida Legislature in 1988 revised a law that makes car manufacturers responsible for replacing defective vehicles or refunding consumers' money if the vehicle applies to certain conditions set forth by the Legislature. This law is commonly known as Florida's automobile \Lemon Law,\ or popularly known as lemon law Florida.

Most of the states in United States protect consumers from vehicles with manufacturing or other defects. The law stated to prevent consumers from defective vehicles is known as Lemon Law. Lemon law Florida applied to new or demonstrator vehicles sold or long term leased in Florida. Lemon law Florida enables consumer to get repaid within a certain period of time if the vehicle turns out to be a lemon. According to lemon law Florida a vehicles is termed to be a lemon if it calls for multiple repairs in a short span of time. Usually a lemon car works cheaply or breaks down several times immediately after the purchase.

Lemon law Florida applies to only new or demonstrator vehicles sold in state of Florida. Lemon law Florida also applies to vehicles leased in Florida, if such vehicles are lease-purchased. Lemon law Florida is also applicable to vehicles in cases where lessee is responsible for the repair of the vehicle. Lemon law Florida does not cover trucks weighing more than ten thousand pounds gross vehicle weight, off-road vehicles, vehicles which are purchased for purposes of resale, motorcycles and mopeds, or the living facilities of recreational vehicles.

Information on lemon law Florida can be obtained from various websites that provide information about automobiles in Florida or United States. Consumer guide for lemon law Florida can be obtained from hotline number 1-800-321-5366, or 1-850-488-2221 for consumers outside Florida. This phone line should be answered between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Eastern Time. To file a suit for lemon law Florida one should consult lemon law attorneys who specialize in lemon law for Florida. Consumer guide to the Florida Lemon law explains consumer rights, gives steps to follow to resolve problems and contains a toll-free number for the Lemon Law Hotline and a form the consumer can use to notify the manufacturer of chronic defects and time out of service for repair.


Lemon law Florida covers defects or conditions that impair the use of the automobile. The automobile can also be proved to be hazardous or unsafe for use. According to lemon law Florida any defects pertaining to the automobile should be duly reported to the manufacturer or any authorized servicing agency. Lemon law Florida states the first 24 months after the purchase of any automobile as Lemon Law Period for that automobile. If the manufacturer fails to conform the vehicle to the warranty after a reasonable number of attempts to repair these defects, the law requires the manufacturer to buy back the defective vehicle and give the consumer a purchase price refund or a replacement vehicle. The law does not cover defects that result from accident, neglect, abuse, modification or alteration by persons other than the manufacturer or its authorized service agent.

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Earl Powers, US Lawyer and Lemon Law Attorney expert at Aquest Group LLC ( ) publishes other articles related to Lemon Law Attorney at and


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auto accident attorney injury lawyers
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